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HVAC All Seasons provides quality, inexpensive refrigerator repair in Santa Clara and the Bay Area with house calls. Qualified service for residential and commercial refrigeration units of all models and brands at reasonable prices. We provide a warranty from 3 to 12 months for the work done..

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Having addressed to us you can not worry, all problems with the refrigerating machinery we will undertake, we love the work, and you can be convinced in it has taken advantage of our services. Our service technicians are ideally placed to take care of your home repairs - they have the necessary knowledge, experience, spare parts, working tools and equipment, and the tools you need. More detailed information about prices you can learn having called us under the specified phones, repair work cost will be based on a category of the formed breakage.

The refrigerator does not freeze. Causes of failure

Please note that your fridge is not freezing depending on your type of fridge: it could be a simple, mechanically controlled double chamber fridge or a mechanically or electronically controlled double chamber fridge with a No Frost system. For convenience, we have systematized the possible causes of faults according to their external manifestations.

1. The fridge compartment does not look fantastic, but the freezer compartment works

A) Why does the fridge compartment in a standard refrigerator without No Frost work

A freon leak is the most common cause of cooling failure in a fridge compartment. Freon can escape from the system as a result of corrosion in the pipework. Or as a result of mechanical damage to the pipework, e.g., during transport. Often users unintentionally puncture the pipework when defrosting the refrigerator with a knife or other sharp object, trying to remove ice. To restore the fridge to working order, the service technician must locate the leak, repair it and then charge the refrigerator with the correct amount of freon.

A clogged capillary tube is the second cause of the lack of cold in the refrigerator. The capillary tube acts as a regulator for the refrigerant in the fridge. As a result of a blockage, the average circulation of freon through the pipes in the system is impaired. In this case, the cooling compartment cools partially or not at all. Often, a snow coat on the rear wall of ice forms in a particular area.

Compressor malfunction is the third possible cause. As a result of wear and tear, the compressor motor loses its capacity, and consequently, the efficiency of its work decreases; in this case, the freezing chamber would usually work, but there would not be enough cold for the refrigerating room. At the same time, the compressor may function normally "by ear." Only a specialist technician can diagnose the problem with the help of special equipment. If necessary, the compressor will be replaced.

B) Why does the fridge compartment of a fridge-freezer with No Frost not work?

No-frost system

A defrost system malfunction is the most common reason for a No-Frost freezer compartment in a No-Frost appliance.
Possible causes are defrost heating element burn-out, defrost fan defect, defrost air damper defect, defrost temperature sensor defect, and defrost timer failure. Failure of these elements leads to malfunction of the defrosting system and, as a result, malfunction of the cold supply to the cooling compartment.
Failure of the control board as a result of a power surge can cause a malfunction if the refrigerator is operated electronically (with control buttons, display, etc.).
Failure of the refrigerating chamber compressor, in the case of a two-compressor refrigerator, could be another reason for the lack of cold in the refrigerating chamber. To rectify the fault, the repair technician carries out a diagnosis and, if necessary, replaces the faulty compressor with a new one.

2. The freezer compartment does not freeze but the refrigerator compartment works

Leakage. The cause of this malfunction can most often be a leak in the cooling system due to corrosion of the pipes or mechanical damage to the evaporator with a knife or other sharp object, resulting in the complete or partial release of freon from the system. It is not uncommon, after defrosting, for the freezer compartment to stop freezing

Capillary tube. The second possibility is that the capillary tube is clogged with oil compounds that form in the system over time when the refrigerator is in operation. After clearing the pipe, the system must be refilled with freon.

Fan defect. In refrigerators with the No Frost system, the cause could be a defect in the cold air circulation fan in the freezer compartment, as a result of which the freezer does not reach the required temperature.

Temperature sensors. The temperature sensors may also be malfunctioning, causing the freezer not to freeze as required. 

3. both compartments are not freezing, but the compressor is working

A complete loss of Freon as a result of a leak in the cooling system is the most common cause if the refrigerator does not freeze at all. In this case, the compressor will run "idle" without shutting down. This problem often occurs after a defrost, as a result of which the refrigerator stops freezing completely. The fact is that the metal expands during defrosting and the refrigerant escapes more quickly through the already existing micro leaks in the pipework. It is not uncommon for leaks to occur when the refrigerator is shut off for an extended period.

If such a fault is detected, it is advisable to disconnect the refrigerator from the mains immediately to prevent the expensive compressor from failing and contact a professional to fix the freon leak.

A completely blocked capillary tube results in no movement of the refrigerant in the system, and consequently no cold in either compartment. A symptom of the fault is that the condenser grille at the rear of the refrigerator is very hot at the beginning and cold at the end. In this case, the capillary tube must be cleaned and then the refrigerator must be charged with freon.

Failure of the compressor as a result of wear of the connecting rod and piston group. At that, the compressor works "by ear" but does not fulfill its function of pumping freon and, correspondingly, cold generation. Only an expert can determine this malfunction. If necessary, the compressor is replaced with a new one; the fault is an expensive one.

Failure of the fan in refrigerators equipped with a No Frost system can cause a lack of cold in both chambers. The fan can be replaced by a technician on-site in 15-20 minutes and the cost of the repair will not be high.

4. No freezing in both chambers, compressor is silent

The most basic cause is a lack of power. It could be a broken power cord, a blown fuse (circuit breaker), or a problem with the electrical wiring. Check whether the light inside the refrigerator compartment illuminates when the door is open.
If the light inside the refrigerator is on, the indicators light up, but if the compressor motor does not work then

  • The thermostat is defective - it does not signal the compressor to start;
  • The compressor starter relay is defective;
  • The compressor is defective - the compressor winding has burned out, usually the starter winding;

In No-Frost appliances, the defrost timer or thermostat may be defective.

In fridges with electronic control and temperature sensors (NTC) - the cause could be an electronic control board or breakdown of temperature sensors that give a signal to the compressor to start.

If your refrigerator doesn't work, the freezing chamber doesn't freeze, the compressor works but the refrigerator is not cold - don't hesitate to address in profile service, the skilled masters will operatively carry out its repair and your refrigerator already today works as new.

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