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Boiler installation in Oakland Сa USA.

The heart of any heating system is the boiler, which is responsible for heating the coolant and maintaining the required temperature on the premises. That is why the right choice and installation of the boiler plays a major role in the whole heating system.

The choice of the boiler will depend on the price of the device, and fuel costs. in Oakland Ca, as well as in San Francisco Bay Area, you can find a boiler for any needs: gas, electric, and solid fuel options. Boiler installation in general is a complex process. This is why the installation is done by licensed organizations with permits and subsequent inspections by government agencies, as in the case of gas boilers. HVAC All Seasons carries out qualified installation of heating boilers for any type of fuel. We give a 24-month warranty on our work!

To order the installation of a boiler or heating system in your home, leave a request online

Installation of heating boilers depending on the type

In the Oakland City Region, and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area Our company carries out heating system installations of all kinds, including:

  • gas boilers;
  • solid fuel (wood or coal);
  • oil-fuel (diesel fuel);
  • electrical.

In addition, our craftsmen perform work related to the installation and renovation of heating systems, we also conclude a service contract for boiler heating, and we guarantee the performance of all works.

To install a boiler, you need to call us by phone: 1-501
or leave a request to call a specialist.  Our specialist in an agreed time will examine the heating system, will make the necessary recommendations, will draw up an estimate for the performance of work.

Installation of boilers heating specialist of our company consists of several stages:

  • connection of necessary pipes;
  • installing and checking the chimney;
  • boiler installation;
  • boiler connection;
  • testing of the heating system;
  • adjustment of the equipment and commissioning works.

The steps depend on the type of heating boiler and type of fuel, but in any case, they must be installed and checked by specialists. Depending on the type of heating system, the connection of the heating boiler has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should familiarise yourself with before buying all the equipment. In the course of the technical work, craftsmen use their materials or, together with the customer, prepare an estimate for the purchase of the necessary materials to be used in the course of the work. If you wish, our craftsman can go with you to the plumber's shop and help you choose a complete heating system. The price of the boiler installation is negotiated before our craftsmen start work, but payment is made after all the work has been completed.

Installation of electric heating boilers

An electric appliance is powered by electricity. This type of heating can be considered the most convenient. The heat generator works smoothly, the main thing is to arrange the electric network correctly. Among the advantages of an electric boiler are the absence of combustion products during operation, easy operation of the system, and the lack of need for fuel storage space.

Electric boiler installation is not very complicated, so it is quick enough. The main thing is to connect all the systems correctly and make sure that the heat generators have a high degree of safety.

Installation of Gas Heating Boiler in Oakland

The main advantage of such devices is considered to be the ease of use. The installation of the gas boiler should be carried out according to all safety rules, which will allow them to serve for a long time if installed correctly.

The heaters of this type can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. Their installation has its peculiarities with which our craftsmen are familiar. Installation of a wall-mounted boiler is relatively straightforward. These appliances are compact and usually have small dimensions. Floor-standing radiators require more complex and time-consuming installation and they require various accessories such as taps, valves, and others.

The piping of the gas boiler is also important for the selection, as it not only ensures the safety of the system, but also other important functions such as maintaining optimal temperature, controlling pressure, and regulating heating time.

Our master can advise you on the best boiler for your needs, but the choice is always up to the client. Our staff not only carries out the initial installation but also the replacement of the gas boiler in a private home in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area region. Reasonable costs, a visit by a technician to assess the work, and a consultation are included in the cost of the work, which the customer pays for once the system has been completed and checked

Installation of solid fuel boilers

Despite the popularity of gas boilers, because the cost of blue fuel is constantly rising, many people prefer solid fuel boilers. They provide full operation of heating and hot water systems. The main advantage is considered an affordable price for solid fuel: wood, coal, or peat.

The installation of solid fuel boilers creates a complete autonomous heating system. Modern models of such boilers do not demand constant control of the furnace, as they can work for a long time on one load.

Liquid fuel

Such heating systems work on liquid fuel (diesel or diesel fuel). Their main purpose is to heat the house by heating the heating medium. Some models of such boilers are able not only to heat the room but also heat water in the water system. Such boilers may operate not only on diesel fuel but also on paraffin, light oil, and heating oil. The basic requirement for fuel is the absence of moisture and absence of abrasive impurities. It is important to understand that the choice of fuel determines the duration of operation of the entire system, so consultation with an experienced plumber when selecting such a system is mandatory.

Stages of heating boiler installation

Installation of a turnkey heating system consists of several plumbing works, chief among which is the selection and installation of the heating boiler and its connection to the system. The safety of people and the functioning of the heating system depends on how well it will be installed. The specialists of our company will carry out the necessary work on the installation of the boiler at the highest professional level and will give useful advice on operation.

Maintenance of heating boilers

In addition to installing a heating system, our company offers boiler maintenance services. The prolonged or uninterrupted operation of any device leads to its wear and tear, and various breakdowns. After the conclusion of a contract in our company, masters periodically carry out inspection or repair of boilers.

We recommend the first maintenance after six months from the end of the warranty period. Further service of the heating units is established based on a contract concluded between the company and the consumer.

Boiler service consists of inspection of the whole heating system, checking its operation, checking the devices and boiler operation, and checking the ventilation and flue ducts. In case of a breakdown, the company's masters will repair it.


The cost of replacement of the gas boiler or any other heater for a house, flat or office depends on many factors, so to find out the exact price for the services of our company you should call us. In any case, we offer reasonable prices for the services which will allow you to become our constant client and to receive all complex plumbing services. We suggest that you take a look at the suggested prices for boiler installation:

- Wall-mounted chimney boiler - from _______
- Gas floor standing boiler - from _______$
- Solid fuel boiler - from _______$;

The exact cost of the service will inform to the master after an exit on an object, a survey of a premise, and an estimation of work. You can order a plumber by phone or on the website of our company.


The plumbers of our company perform a wide range of services on installation of sanitary ware. A great experience allows them to cope with various difficulties, and qualitatively perform the necessary order. Affordable prices, a guarantee, and the politeness of our workers will pleasantly surprise you. We have been working for over 10 years in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area& region. We work only for people, we appreciate every customer, so we are always ready to help!

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