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Installation of electric boilers in Hayward

The advantage of electric boilers is that their installation is especially easy for our technicians. Repair service HVAC All Seasons installs and installs electric boilers in Hayward as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many people do the installation during the renovation or construction phase of their home. This allows any construction work to be carried out comfortably.

Steps to install an electric boiler

To install an electric boiler, the first thing to do is to decide on the location. It is important to choose a location that facilitates direct access to the unit and prolongs its life (prefer clean and dry locations). In general, the equipment is quite compact and installation is straightforward. Connection is made directly to the hydraulic and electrical installation of the enclosure, so that heat can then be used and regulated throughout the home. A thermostat can be supplied with the unit to take advantage of a sophisticated and easy to use control system. The final step is to check that the installation works correctly by running the boiler.

What you need to know before installing electric boilers in Hayward

Equipment of this type can be wall mounted, which means it must be mounted directly on the wall. In this case, be careful to install sturdy fixings that can easily support the weight of the entire boiler, and a sturdy wall to which the fixings go. Thus, in order not to provoke a fall of the appliance, check that the walls are secure. It is important to check that the pipes are tight, and that there are no obstructions for each component to ensure the overall functioning of the system.

Also make sure that each component is properly insulated to prevent heat loss during heat production. Finally, there are safety standards set by the government that must be adhered to, so be careful to follow the instructions that come with your kit.

The advantage of installing electric heating

Among the advantages of this system, in particular, there is no storage tank (tank type or otherwise), which makes it much easier to install the unit. In addition, the energy used does not generate CO2 emissions and is therefore less risky than for other types of heating. Finally, thermostats and other control tools allow very precise control of energy consumption and thus minimise the financial losses associated with home energy use.

Removing an oil-fired boiler and installing an electric boiler

Removal of the old oil boiler. Installation of the electric boiler follows the replacement of the old oil boiler. The electric boiler feeds radiators (or underfloor heating) and hot water production, so it may be asked to replace the old combustion model. If the system is not "mixed" and therefore does not provide domestic hot water heating, then an additional electric water heater will need to be installed, as is the case in the boiler installation specification.

In this first step, the HVAC All Seasons specialist will remove the old oil boiler. This operation must be carried out carefully so as not to damage any possible connections that may be used. On the other hand, a professional takes care of removing and transporting the old boiler to an approved disposal centre. Note that replacement of the oil boiler may also require removal of the storage tank not coded in this specification.

Electrical enclosure installation. The master will then install a secondary electrical box to protect and supply the new boiler and electric water heater. Note that it has been previously confirmed that the power supply to this cabinet will be sized to supply all equipment connected to the cabinet (7.2 to 14.4 kW boiler and 2.2 kW water heater).

Installation of an electric boiler and water heater. An electric boiler installed by a professional is not a "mixed" boiler, the master installer will also proceed with the installation of an electric wall-mounted water heater (or hot water tank) at the start of the estimate of the electric boiler installation. This 200 litre equipment is capable of meeting the hot water needs of two adults and two children (approximately 50 litres per adult and 25 litres per child).

Plugging the boiler in and starting it up. Checking that the boiler is working correctly.

All Seasons HVAC repair service performs installation and installation of electric boilers in Kiev at the highest level. Investing in equipment of this type, it is not expensive to buy and install. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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