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Following the manufacturer's recommendations, modern household appliances can operate trouble-free for several decades. The causes of premature failure of components and parts are mainly external factors and improper actions of the user. Given the complexity of the construction and the various schematic features, it is impossible to carry out repairs by oneself. A service call is an essential step towards restoring the full functionality of your small or large appliance quickly and easily.

How to make a quick house cal

HVAC All Seasons repairs large and small appliances with the San Francisco Bay Area home visits. You do not need to go to the company's office to make an appointment. It is enough to contact the dispatcher conveniently, including online services and telephone. The waiting time of a technician does not exceed 24 hours, but most orders are fulfilled on the same day, including weekends and holidays. 

To call for a technician to diagnose or repair your washing machine quickly, call:
(510)342 80 96 or leave an application on the website contact form.



HVAC All Seasons has been in the HVAC and appliance repair market for over 15 years. We have a sufficient number of highly qualified handymen who will be able to come to you as quickly as possible and at a time that is convenient for you. If necessary, our handyman will be able to come to you today - the day of the call. Our dispatchers will always understand, help you and prompt. Make an application to call a master who can carry out quality repairs


We are responsible for the excellent quality of HVAC All Seasons services and an individual, professional approach to each customer. Our employees are competent and periodically receive additional training in their specialties.


We guarantee you affordable rates for quality repairs.


Our company has been repairing washing machines since 2005 and has a wealth of experience in this area. Our artisans always look for rational solutions to breakdowns of any complexity and find the correct answers.

We repair washing machines of all makes and models.

The benefits of in-home washing machine repair in San Francisco

Being left without your trusty domestic helper is a complex problem, even if you don't use your washing machine more than once a week. A practical and inexpensive washing machine repair at home will help to avoid additional time spent disconnecting the appliance and financial investment in transporting it to the service center.

The center's optimum solution would be to call a master at home; experienced artisans of our company will carry out the necessary diagnostics and repair of the washing machine. Full-service, even when replacement parts are required, takes no more than two days, and the brilliant service and no extra costs will be a welcome bonus.

Diagnostic and repair procedure without transporting the machine

The technicians of our company repair washing machines of all world brands: Zanussi, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Gorenje, Indesit, Ariston, Samsung, Bosch, and many other brands, as well as the repair f any appliance in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to the experience of practical work, repairs are not time-consuming and are carried out by technology, including the following procedures:

  • diagnosis and determination of the fault of the washing machine;
  • selection of the necessary ORIGINAL spare parts and components for the repair;
  • Repair work on site without transportation to the service.

Masters of our service are not engaged in repairing the worn-ou or date accessories, units, and household machines, using only qualitative original spare parts for replacement. We offer original spare parts or low-cost and certified analogs, with each job step agreed upon with the customer.

What should you do if your washing machine is broken?

If your washing machine isn't working and you're not quite sure what's wrong, you've come to the right place! Calling a San Francisco Bay Area in-home washing machine repair technician can help you determine why the drum isn't spinning, water is leaking, or the clothes spin function isn't working. A specific list of symptoms commonly occurring in washing machines characterizes their breakdown. If you identify the sign of your washing machine, our washing machine repair company's technicians will be able to troubleshoot the parts that have gone wrong.

Activator breakdown

Most top-loading washing machines have a part where I am responsible for mixing the clothes with water and detergent. It is called the activator and is driven by the gearbox output shaft. The plastic mixing part's output shaft and center must generally fit tightly together. Depending on the washing machine brand, the activator may consist of one piece or two double-acting parts. Suppose one part of the activator or the lower part of the double-activator does not oscillate back and forth during the wash cycle. In that case, this may indicate damage, and the activator must be replaced. Most activators are held in place by a bol at the top of the transmission shaft and located below the dosing unit softener or top cover. Some models use a small set screw in the activator barrel just above the base to connect it to the sha rubber ring to ensure a snug fit. The activator must be lifted with the post when the locking device is removed.

Failure of the cover switch

Another problem associated with breakdowns can be a malfunction of the cover switch. The lid switch supplies power to the timer. If this malfunction is suspected, check that any levers or actuators are not damaged. The controller may be defective if the switch is activated, but no power is supplied to the timer circuit. In this case, disconnect the appliance from the power supply and remove the wire from the controller. You can check the switch with a multimeter. Our San Francisco washing machine repair specialists slowerstrongly recommend that you do not neglect the repair of the cover switch, as the proper operation of this part is an important safety feature, and its malfunction can lead to serious injury.

Damage to the shock absorber or strut

All front-loading washing machines have shock absorbers, which are used t loosen the device's movement when wringing. The shock absorbers or spacers are attached to the support frame on the outside. They can be accessed by removing the front or rear panel. When the shock absorbers are loose or damaged, unbalanced loads cause shaking or shifting, and the machine often makes a loud knocking and sound when wringing. If this fault is not corrected, it can cause damage to other components. We recommend you switch the p to the appliance before remedying this type o problem.

Damaged drive belt

In some cases, the transmission belt may cause the malfunctioning of the way the washer-dryer stops; the belt could be the cause. To inspect the belt, remove the front panel to see how worn or damaged it is. The straps are usually located at the bottom of the washing machine; if they are wearing, they tend to cause a burning smell or make noise when the drum is running. San Francisco washing machine repairmen recommend checking that the belt tensioner moves freely before fitting a new belt.

To call for a technician to diagnose or repair your washing machine quickly, call:
(510)342 80 96 or leave an application on the website contact form.

Washing machine repair prices

  • Call out the master and diagnostics (in case of repair)* $ 65
  • Call out the master and diagnostics (in case of repair) - free of charge
  • Change/cleaning of the filter - from $100
  • Removal of a blockage (cleaning of all pipes and hoses) - from $200
  • Change of the pump (does not drain water) - from $400
  • Change of the heating element (does not heat water) - from $350
  • Change of a cuff of a hatch (the seal has torn) - from $375
  • Replacement of the electric lock for the hatch (door can not be opened) - from $250
  • Change of bearings (rattles when wringing the wheels) - from $400
  • Repair of the electronic module (control card) - from $450
  • Washing machine installation and connection - from $250
The price includes spare partsю. Diagnostics will be charged if the repair is refused.

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