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Gas boiler installation in Redwood City

The gas boiler dominates the heating market because of its many advantages. Firstly, because of its easier delivery through the gas grid, then because of the latest models that are more efficient and economical. HVAC repair service All Seasons installs and installs all types of gas boilers. A gas boiler is also an attractive option in terms of price, whether for initial investment or consumption.

Gas boilers

Installation of Boilers operated with natural gas is simply connected to the central gas supply. Nowadays, many brands and models of gas boilers are available, including well-known suppliers of gas-type equipment in the construction market.

When assembling or installing the gas boiler, the following requirements must be heeded:

  • The boiler room must have a permanent supply of oxygen;
  • The boiler must not be installed between walls or against a wall;
  • The distance to the wall must be more than 30-50 cm;
  • Free access to the boiler when it is in use;
  • The boiler room must have a unique control system and an option to shut off the gas.

Natural gas or propane

If you are in town, natural gas is supplied by being connected to the city gas network. In this case, you do not have to choose propane, as the latter is provided in a tank, which makes it a little more challenging to store. In addition, a gas boiler is more affordable than a propane gas boiler.

Suppose you are in the countryside. Propane, also known as LPG, is more convenient for isolated houses. Connecting to the city gas grid is impossible if you are not around. Propane is slightly more environmentally friendly than natural gas. Still, the cost of installing a gas boiler is inflated by installing an outdoor storage tank and a general supply system.

Installing an outdoor storage tank and heating rate and pollution levels of both types of boilers are about the same.

Significant factors when installing a gas boiler

  • Insulation: If you need to improve the thermal comfort of your home, you should consider insulation. A poorly insulated home entails a lot of heat loss. Unexpectedly your handyman will prescribe a high-performance device that will increase the cost of your gas boiler. In addition to the high initial investment, your gas bill will be enormous!
  • The more heated the area, the more influential the boiler installation will b. More powerful gas boilers are more expensive. A reasonable capacity of a gas boiler is between 30 and 35 kW. Moreover, the amount of money to be paid is relatively high.
  • In related facilities: the foreman has to do the hard work of connecting if your boiler works as heating, hot water, and cooking. To estimate your associated costs, do a small simulation of the boiler installation quote with the connection.

Types of gas boilers according to the technology chosen

The gas boiler, natural or propane, comes in several models.

Classic gas boiler

This is the default gas boiler sold in shops. It works with a regular cylinder that heats the water before it is distributed to the heating system in the house.

Condensing gas boiler

This unit uses water vapor to pre-heat the radiators' water, saving energy (20 to 30%). It is associated with underfloor and radiator heating.

Low-temperature gas boiler  

As the name suggests, a low-temperature boiler heats the radiator fluid at a low temperature of 45°C. This device allows energy savings of 25 to 40%. The low-temperature boiler is only recommended for tiny houses. It is only compatible with soft radiators and exceptional low-temperature underfloor heating.

Cogeneration gas boiler 

This gas boiler generates electricity in addition to producing heat. This model is more suitable for more significant buildings with high energy consumption. A CHP boiler achieves energy savings of between 50 and 80%.

Hybrid gas boiler

It is possible to connect a gas boiler to an electric heat pump. The electric heat pump will then supply the basic needs of the house. The gas boiler will only serve as support.

What to consider when replacing an old boiler with a new one

Examine your consumption habits. Do not replace your boiler with a gas boiler with low consumption beyond that amount.

  • Model the amortization of the initial cost against the energy saved. This mainly applies to cogeneration boilers but can also be used for a condensing boiler and a hybrid boiler. The initial price will not be amortized if it cannot make equivalent energy savings over the years.
  • Estimate the size of the installation. Replacing a conventional gas boiler with a low-temperature boiler means replacing your radiators and, if necessary, your underfloor heating. This will cost you considerably more than you expected, and these energy savings may not be able to be absorbed. Low-temperature boilers are only recommended for building or complete renovations. These boilers also do not heat large volumes and are only used for small flats.
  • Reinforce insulation if necessary. Improved insulation of your home can help you save on heating costs. A low-energy boiler should always be accompanied by good insulation. Otherwise, there will be more loss than gain.
  • Think about the maintenance of your boiler when modeling energy savings. Some models are more complex to maintain than others. Check the annual maintenance costs that your new installation includes.

The right boiler will save you money. All Seasons HVAC repair service installs and installs all Redwood City and San Francisco Bay Area gas boilers. We also provide after-sales service.

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