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Do you want your Water Heaters to run for a long time without interruptions?
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Water Heaters Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair San Francisco Bay Area Water Heaters

Do you want your Water Heaters to run for a long time without interruptions?

Like any appliance, Water Heaters require regular attention. For the machines to work correctly and reliably, preventive maintenance is necessary after a specific amount f time. Each part and device always has a certain lifespan, considering regular maintenance. The average lifespan of a good Water Heater is 5-8 years, but only if a service center regularly services the Water Heaters.

What does preventive maintenance of Water Heaters mean? How do Water Heaters get serviced?

Preventive maintenance and servicing is the cleaning of Water Heaters and the diagnosis of all their components. The service visit wizard will carry out the following activities: descaling the heater and the tank, checking all details for proper operation, quality of connections and electronics, replacing gaskets at links if necessary, and checking the functionality of the non-return valve and determining the condition of the magnesium anode. If there is any suspicion of malfunction, the technician will tell the customer what is wrong with the appliance and what manipulations need to be carried out to ensure that it works properly. It is always up to the customer whether or not to agree. 

What happens if Water Heaters are not maintained?

Without the regular maintenance of Water Heaters, you have a risk o not having hot water. If you do not carry out this work, it can lead to consequences such as failure of the heater, electronics, leaks, short circuits in the network, and more. In addition, without this procedure, micro-cracks will form in the heating element, which will cause you to feel an unpleasant tingling sensation from the water. Burnout of the heater is often accompanied by a failure of the thermostat or electric module, as a faulty heater creates a short circuit in the mains. As a result of such a malfunction, the repair of the Water Heaters will consist of the following services: replacement of the electronic module + replacement of the heater + minor repairs - will cost you a hefty sum, which can reach 50% of the cost of a new Water Heaters.


That is why we recommend regular preventive maintenance of Water Heaters, not only to save money but also to ensure your safety.

Why choose us regarding Water Heaters in the San Francisco Bay Area?

We've been fixing and servicing appliances for years, and we know precisely how to perform preventive maintenance on any manufacturer's Water Heaters. We have a well-established scheme that will take the least amount of your time, and we will service your appliance as efficiently as possible.

Repairing Water Heaters in the San Francisco Bay Area

If you have noticed that:

  • Water Heaters are not heating water properly; 
  • There is a noise when heating water; 
  • Water is leaking from the bottom cover or connections; 
  • Water Heaters are not turning on; 
  • Water Heaters have an electric shock; 
  • A light is on but does not heat; 
  • Water does not flow, or the pressure is weak. 

Call us right away - your Water Heaters need professional repair!HVAC All Service is a highly trained professional team that quickly and competently repairs Water Heaters at affordable prices in the San Francisco Bay Area. We use only original parts and components, state-of-the-art technology, and specific, professional tools to repair Water Heaters.

Specialists recommend - if you notice your unit isn't working correctly, don't wait for disaster; call our service center. Our operator will quickly give you an estimated repair price for your Water Heaters and an estimated arrival time.

Faulty Water Heaters can cause:

Water leakage, which can cause flooding of your home and your neighbor's home;

Electrical shorts, which can cause damage to other appliances; 

Discomfort when using the Water Heaters.

Water Heaters may suffer from minor electric shocks, reduced water pressure, noise, etc.
- The water heaters may start to leak a small amount of water. A minor malfunction may fail another Water Heaters component.

How can I extend my Water Heaters' life and have them seldom serviced?

Accumulation water heaters are appliances that need MUST be serviced, such as cleaning Water Heaters, and repaired when needed. Since the internal parts of the Water Heaters are constantly in contact with water, they must be replaced after a certain period, e.g., the magnesium anode must be replaced almost every time the Water Heaters are cleaned (if it is destroyed). In addition, after some time, scale builds up inside the Water Heaters tank, which must be removed. Otherwise, the appliance will not work correctly, eventually leading to severe damage. For example, failure of the heating element is often due to neglect of preventive maintenance of the Water Heaters. Without this cleaning of the Water Heaters, so much limescale builds up that it begins to spread in all directions on the heating element, resulting in micro-cracks and, after a while, the heating element fails.

Cost to repair Water Heaters

The average cost to repair Water Heaters in San Francisco Bay Area is $500. The cost depends on the brand of the water heater and the parts to be replaced. 

The total cost of Water Heaters repair:

  • The total cost of Water Heaters repair:
  • Master visit + diagnostics (without repair) $65
  • Master visit + diagnostics (with repair) - free of charge
  • Replace the igniter - from $180
  • Replacement of the expansion tank - from $250
  • Replacement of circulation pump - from $450
  • Limescale removal from the tank - from $170
  • Repair pipes, leak repair - from $70

When repairing the Water Heater, there may be other costs depending on when the water heater was installed, changes may have to be made to the new building regulations, and the airflow system and drain pan may have to be changed.
This will be determined by a technician during a diagnosis

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